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1. NIT No. RRCAT/CS/Rev/1928/2017-18/07- Corrigendum [ Due on 18.07.2017 ] Corrigendum      
[ Miscellaneous civil works in technical area of RRCAT, Indore for the year 2017-18. ]
2. NIT no. RRCAT/CS/ACPC/CES/17-18/03 [ Due on 13.07.2017 ] NIT      
[ Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of HVAC (VRV-AHU) system and its interface with the installed supply & return duct network along with power and control panels for Lecture halls and poster galleries of Convention Centre building at RRCAT, Indore. ]
3. RRCAT/CS/Rev/1928/2017-18/07 [ Due on 06.07.2017 ] NIT      
[ Miscellaneous civil works in Technical area of RRCAT, Indore for the year 2017-18 ]
4. RRCAT/Udyan/2017/07 dtd. 19.6.2017 [ Due on 30.06.2017 ] NIT      
[ Disposal of treewood by cleaning of jungle growth of trees amongst fodder/fuel species in RRCAT campus at RRCAT, Indore. ]
5. RRCAT/CSD/C/1934/17-18/DIDC-22 [ Due on 27.06.2017 ] NIT      
[ Maintenance of hygiene by general cleanliness, garbage collection, cleaning and maintenance of roads, disposal & other hygiene related works for ARPF complex for RRCAT near vegetable market, Indore from July 2017 to June 2018. ]
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